Medical Profession

Castle Motors specialise in the provision of cars to the medical profession and newcomers to Ireland.

Hospital staff and employees from many large multinational companies have all been advised and guided through our unique motor market by Barry and the rest of our helpful team.

There are many things to consider when opting to buy a car, but we are here to help get you into the most suitable vehicle for your requirements.

Some of the points to consider:

  • What fuel type suits your situation best?
  • Which engine size suits you best?
  • Would you prefer an automatic or manual gearbox?
  • What is your insurance and licence history?
  • The current laws regarding driving in Ireland

With the assistance of our trusted partners, we are happy to meet up and discuss your personal circumstances and requirements and guide you through what could otherwise be a difficult task.

We are proud to work closely with a number of insurance brokers to help new medical professional arrivals in Ireland get the best insurance. Please get in touch for more details.

Barry Keane

Dealer Principle